Tuesday, 15 January 2013

My word for the start of 2013 is: Moving

I've been absent from the blogosphere lately, which I attribute to two things that can be summed up in one word: moving. Also, my child hasn't really been napping, but that's another post.

When we returned from our trip to Ireland, Oliver was just over 6 months old and the adventure of introducing solid food began. He was a little hesitant at first, but after a few tries, he showed genuine interest in these new tastes. He was still breast feeding a lot, but I was beginning to see that the day when he wouldn't need me so much would come. He had also started to move about, in a kind of on-land breast stroke. Not crawling, but something like that.

Around that time he stopped sleeping through the night consistently. He didn't seem hungry when I would go to him at night, it just seemed like he couldn't sleep. He would wake up, get up on all fours and rock back and forth, like he was willing himself to fly.

And then one day, when he was almost 7 months old, I noticed that he sat up on his own. Cool. The girls his age at our play group were already incredible sitters (those girls!) so it didn't shock me. But then the very next day, we were playing on the floor and he pulled himself over to the couch and pulled himself up to stand. That was new. Around that same time he also started full-on crawling.

At 8 months old, I have a crawling, climbing, exploring little person. He is definitely moving.

The other big theme of life these days is a result of a casual meeting we had with our real estate agent a few months ago. Since we are looking into child care for Oliver for the spring, I thought it might be helpful to get a sense of where we would eventually like to move, so that we could look at child care in our prospective neighbourhood, as well as our current one. Although we love our current home, our small 2 BR condo is not big enough for us to have another child, so the plan was to move somewhere with a little more space within the next two years. Unfortunately, because we're not willing to live outside of the city, a step up in size also means a step up in price.

We decided to restrict our search to our ideal two neighborhoods, which are situated about 5km south of where we currently live. It's a charming area, with cute little shops, cozy cafes and beautiful century homes. To live here, we knew we would have to either buy a fixer-upper and put a lot of money into it OR buy something at the very top of our budget and hope that nothing went wrong. We saw some properties that fell into both of these categories and were happy to learn that, after a year or two of saving, we would be able to buy in our preferred neighbourhood.

As much as you plan, and my partner and I are definitely planners, sometimes life throws you something different. Long story short we ended up putting an offer on a town house and were able to reach a deal we are really happy about. It's very affordable for us, built in the 1970's (so without some of the reno needs of the older homes we were looking at) with plenty of room to grow. Best of all, it's in our preferred neighbourhood, which is a great balance of urban convenience and family amenities. I'm moving to area with good schools--I'm such a grown-up.

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