Wednesday, 11 July 2012

He's growing up, and I'm a cliche

As Oliver closes in on the 3 month mark, I'm noticing some major changes. He's sleeping better and longer. He's learning to use his hands and legs and he's making more sounds that will someday morph into words. But the thing that struck me the most, is that he has started to suck his thumb.

It's such a babyish thing to do, but learning to suck his thumb and soothe himself feels like the first step towards independence. He doesn't need to be soothed to sleep anymore. He's content to hang out awake in his crib, babbling away to the images on his mobile, or just fall back to his new favourite, his thumb. Have I (or rather, my boobs) been replaced?

My midwife told us that second-time parents are much less likely to wish away those early weeks because they know how fast it goes by, and I think I get it now. As much as I love watching him learn new things, and I certainly appreaciate the extra sleep and free time, there is little part of me that will miss the little baby who needed me so much. 

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