Friday, 29 June 2012

Whenever you're ready

Dear Baby,

Today you did something you haven't done before. I put you on your stomach and you started to lean to one side. Your special aunt Ellen, who was visiting today, said, "is he trying to roll over?" And I said, "no, he can't do that yet. He's too young." But you kept on leaning to one side, and pretty soon all of your weight had shifted and you were on your back. You rolled over! Ellen cheered you on, and I did too, but I was so confused. I didn't expect you to roll over for at least another month, and probably not for two or three.

When you were born, I made a promise to you and myself that I wouldn't worry about what other babies were doing, or what the books said. As long as you were happy and healthy, I wouldn't get too caught up on when you walked or talked or learned to tie your shoes. As my friend Sarah says, "no one's going to care when your baby sat up when she's smoking crack." (Please don't ever smoke crack, by the way.)

What I didn't prepare myself for is that you might do some things faster, before I think you're ready, before I'm ready, when I just assumed you couldn't. I won't do that anymore.

You are such a special little person and I feel so lucky that I get to watch you grow up every day. When I come and get you in the morning, I swear you've changed in the few hours since I last saw you. In the next year, you're going to change a lot, you're going to learn a lot and you're going to do things that amaze me. I promise to be there for you while you grow up and cheer you on as you accomplish whatever you set out to do. Whether you roll over again tomorrow or not for another few months, I'll be proud of you. But I'll try not to underestimate you again, and never say "you can't". You can. Whenever you're ready.

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