Thursday, 14 June 2012

Van Gogh in the neigbourhood

This past weekend our little family visited the National Gallery of Canada and took in the Van Gogh exhibit, which is in Ottawa until September. Alex and I are members at the gallery, and it was the first time in with the baby. I don't know how much Oliver got out of it, but he slept peacefully in his stroller as we made our way through the exhibit, so I definitely won't rule him out as a future patron of the arts. After the gallery, we had lunch on a nearby patio and then made our way home. It was a great little morning--all without leaving our neighborhood.

While we were there, I asked myself the same question I always ask myself when I go to the gallery or attend a concert: why am I here? With my one art history credit that I took during my under grad, I can hardly say that I have a critical eye. Regardless, I'm pretty excited for the day that him and I can talk about the various pieces of art, and hear what he thinks.

Exposing my child to art and culture is important to me because I want him to experience life, and see beautiful things. I want him to learn how other people live and think. I want him to grow up understanding that not everyone in the world lives the way he does and if you're open to new things, life can be much more interesting.

Living where we do, he's going to experience so much every time we step outside. It might not be neat and sterile like some neighborhoods, but it's exactly the kind of environment that I want him to grow up in.

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