Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Babywearing our newborn: how to make a man more attractive in one easy step

With our lifestyle, we always knew that we would wear our baby. We put a lot of time into researching the right stroller, and I assume it will be great when I'm ready to exercise again and am able to go on long walks, but for short outings, shopping and trips on public transit, it is our intention to wear him in some sort of carrier.

There are lots of different kinds of carriers on the market--and clearly some styles are better suited to certain stages. In deciding what kind of carrier I wanted to start out with, I found this article from Dirty Diaper Laundry particularly helpful. Based on my research, I decided to buy a wrap style carrier for the newborn phase.

One of the most helpful parts of our pre-natal classes was a demonstration of the various types of carriers led by the owner of Milkface. She had samples of the various styles, which we were able to try out with those weird little dolls that are weighted the same as newborns. After this experience, I still felt good about my choice of a wrap for the early days, but Alex and I were surprised to discover that we favour the mei tai style of carrier. I had thought that we would eventually get something like an Ergo carrier, one of those back-packey looking things with the buckles. But after trying the various options we both preferred the simplicity of the mei tai. Maybe it's because we like to cook, and it goes on like an apron. It just worked for us.

So before the baby was even born, we had too carriers: the Boba wrap for me and Freehand mei tai for Alex.

While we were making these decisions, we had no idea that I would need to have a c-section. At 2 weeks post-partum, it's still uncomfortable to tie the wrap around my abdomen, ditto with the mei tai. Consequently, babywearing is strictly for Alex at this point, and I don't think he's ever gotten this many looks and smiles.

It's a little bit cruel that at the precise moment a man becomes tied-down and completely unavailable, he also becomes incredibly appealing to women. How do you make a man more attractive in one easy step? Attach a baby to his chest with a pretty piece of fabric. People of all ages will stop to admire him and young women (who likely don't have babies and therefore have no idea that he's too exhausted to be much fun for them) will swoon. Alex is a pretty good dresser, but our little guy is definitely the best thing he's ever worn.

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