Thursday, 3 May 2012

Baby goes downtown

One of the reasons that we happily sacrifice square footage to live in our desired neighborhood is that when you live downtown, you don't just live in your home. We can get by without an expansive kitchen or dining area, because there are so many options to eat out. We don't need a backyard, because we can go to the park, a patio or a beautiful courtyard. And we're not too fussed about filling our home with artwork because there are galleries just around the corner.

Considering my slow recovery from surgery and the unpredictable needs of a newborn, we didn't venture out of our condo as a family until yesterday. Since our bank has a branch just two blocks from home, we thought that might be a good destination for our first outing.

I was pretty slow on my feet, but the sun was out and we decided to walk one more block to our favourite gelato place. Sitting outside eating gelato, doing something we regularly did before the baby as born, we got a glimpse of what life will be like as a threesome. Oliver was content to sleep cuddled against Alex's chest in the mei tai carrier. Other than the extra smiles we received from people we passed, it was really quite typical of outing for us.

A lot of people believe that when you start a family you have to move out to the suburbs, buy a big house and a big car. That's not in our plan. It might not be the typical setting for raising a child, but we are so excited to experience all that our neighborhood has to offer as a family.

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