Sunday, 1 April 2012

Getting to the hospital without a car

One of the most frequent questions we've gotten since sharing the news of the pregnancy is, "how will you get to the hospital?" And it really doesn't surprise me. People frequently ask me why we don't own a car, and the answer is really quite simple. We don't need one. We can easily walk, bike or take the bus to work or anywhere else we need to go, and for the odd time that a car is necessary or simply more convenient, it is easy to just rent one. Realistically, we need a car about as much as we need a plane.

Nevertheless, the question has crossed my mind since becoming pregnant. When they covered car seat installation in our pre-natal class, and how it's a good idea to have your car seat installed in advance, we felt a little awkward raising our hands to ask about our own situation. Not only did we NOT get the confused or judgmental reaction that I feared ("you're having a child without a car?!?") but we also got some good advice, which was to buy a car that is easy to install. 

After researching the various options, we settled on a model which can easily go in and out of various sized vehicles. It probably only took Alex about 10 minutes to install it on the first try--and that was the length of time it took him to get it in so tightly that the rental car moved when he tried to move the car seat. I haven't tried to install it yet, as I've been quite pregnant since we bought the car seat, but I'm confident that I'll be able to when the time comes.

As for getting to the hospital, we'll do what makes sense at the time. If I go into labour during business hours, we'll rent a car, and if not, we'll call a cab. We also have some great friends who have kindly offered to be on stand-by. Once our midwife tells us that it's time to go the hospital, I really don't anticipate that I'll be all that concerned how I get there. If all else fails, I'm not entirely opposed to a home birth anyway.

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