Friday, 13 April 2012

Could I be nesting?

I'm on day four off work, and until this morning I have definitely been less than productive. I barely fit in more than a workout and some correspondence in the time I would normally put in a full day of work. But then I woke up this morning, got out of bed early, and haven't really stopped since.

To be fair, conquering lengthy to-do lists is not the norm for me. I'm not a superwoman, and I know this because I have superwomen in my life. My dearest friend, for example, could write a term paper, ice a cake, plan a party for a friend and teach her daughter something new without breaking a sweat. She's one of those women. I am definitely not.

So when I surveyed the apartment this afternoon and realized that I had gone to the gym, done 3 loads of laundry, hand washed a bunch of sweaters, done yoga, made muffins AND cleaned up the kitchen it struck me as a little odd.

According to Ann Douglas, in her "Mother all of Pregnancy Books", some women may experience a burst of energy as labour approaches. And the sources on the "What to Expect" website point out that women, much like birds and dogs, instinctively prepare a nest for their expectant child. Instead of assembling a pile of twigs, women tend to catch up on housework or stock the freezer.

When I was getting a pedicure on Tuesday (I hoped that the massage might hit the right acupressure points to get labour started) the older woman beside told me that until I feel the urge to clean the oven, my labour won't start. This kind of scared me, because I can't imagine ever wanting to clean the oven, and if the desire to clean the oven is some kind of gateway to having a baby, it just might not happen for me. But if you think of the nesting instinct as a woman's need to prepare her home, there must be a ton of room for  interpretation. Just like two birds might not build the same nest, two women aren't likely to prepare for their new baby in the same way. And having a less than pristine oven is not likely to throw off my game plan.

I think it's safe to say that I'm nesting, and although this is no real indication of when I will go into labour, it certainly is a sign that my pregnancy will soon be coming to an end and we will finally be welcoming our baby into our home--with or without a clean oven.

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