Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pop! goes the Belly

Prior to this week, I had heard the expression "she popped", but obviously it had never happened to me. It was this week that everyone around me started saying things like, "whoa, you're really pregnant".

So here I am, openly and notoriously with child. I can't say that I feel a whole lot differently. Sometimes I even catch myself forgetting that I'm pregnant. Other times, like when I bend over to tie up my boots, it's a little hard to ignore.

For me the big "aha!" moment came a couple of weeks ago when I unmistakably felt the baby move for the first time. Alex and I were sitting in the mezzanine of the National Arts Centre, enjoying a matinée performance of "Mamma Mia", and when the music swelled I felt it. I knew it wasn't gas or hunger pangs. It was a sensation that I had never felt before, and knowing what it was, it was pretty cool.

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