Thursday, 22 December 2011

Furnishing the baby's room

Once we determined what pieces of furniture we wanted, the process of picking furniture for the baby was a lot like buying furniture for ourselves. Our options were: 1) to buy large bulky pieces that don't fit with our style and likely don't fit in the room; 2) to buy modern sleek pieces with hefty price tags; or 3) to go to Ikea.

I don't know about you, but I went though a phase when I thought that Ikea furniture was just for students, a transition between hand-me-downs and "grown-up" furniture. I appreciated that Ikea was there for people with lower incomes, but thought that I had outgrown allen wrenches and cartoon instructions. That phase lasted about two weeks. I picked out a great looking bed at the modern furniture store, but then realized I could get a very similar style for one-fifth of the price at Ikea.

We appreciated the Gulliver crib and change table from Ikea for their simplicity, clean lines and low prices. And once I satisfied myself that the crib had no safety issues, I had no reservations. In the last few years, a different model of Ikea crib was recalled, but not because any child was injured, there was just a risk of injury due to the manufacturing. That's what I'm starting to learn with children's products--no one wants to risk a baby getting hurt and getting sued, so recalls seem more precautionary than necessary.

The last bit of furniture we needed to pick out was the chair. Now I've never been a mother, but I've been told that having a comfortable chair in which to feed is a must-have. A lot of people are proponents of gliders, but personally I find most of them hideous and bulky. For a while I was considering just buying a comfy chair and foregoing the rocking aspect. And then I sat in the monte joya rocker.

We weren't shopping for rockers that day, we were just looking to use a $65 gift card I had received for a baby boutique in a trendy neighbourhood 45 minutes from our condo. We had walked there and my feet and back were getting a little sore, so why not take a seat in the floor model chairs? Depending how you look at it, this was either a mistake or a lucky break. We didn't buy it that day, but Alex told me that he was going to get that chair. He has been working a ton of overtime and had decided he would buy me a pearl necklace when the baby was born. He thought the rocker might be a better purchase. Pearls might pull an outfit together nicely, but I doubt they would do much for an aching back or sooth a fussy baby. This is one of the reasons I love him. He has his priorities in order.

So in the end we'll spend a little more on the baby's room than we anticipated, but really only because of the chair. And with some generous gifts that we have received from family, a good chunk of the cost is covered. Other than the stroller, this will be our only major baby-related purchase, and like the stroller we hope to either sell it when we are done with it or use it with multiple children. And honestly it's a beautiful piece of furniture, in a baby's room or not, so I see it sticking around past the baby days.

Now that the tough part is behind us--deciding what to buy--we can move on to the fun of setting up the nursery

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