Monday, 21 November 2011

Where will the baby live?

One the biggest dilemmas we had when contemplating having a child was where the baby would live. Would we have to wait until we bought a house or could we make it work here? Our 725 square foot condo is more than enough room for the two or us, so we decided we would give it a go here. To give you a frame of reference, this is what we have to work with:

Although some people with this layout choose to make their bedroom in the den/bedroom and use the bedroom by the window as an office or dining area, when we moved in, we opted to make the room with the two small closets our bedroom and turned the other room into our den/tv room.

We narrowed our options to 1) converting the den into the baby's room, and 2) putting the baby in our room and moving our bedroom into the den. Alex also floated the idea of converting various closets into baby quarters, and while I appreciated his ingenuity, I thought it was counterintuitive to put the baby in the closet and put the contents of the closet in the room. In the end, we opted for option #1.

On the surface, it might seem strange to put a baby in a room without windows. However, except when in use, we keep both bathroom doors open, allowing light and air to enter the den from our bedroom. And to be fair, some babies actually do start out in converted closets (Alex showed me examples to support his idea), so a dark room must be as good as a closet. There is also the issue of noise and light pollution. Our bedroom is never truly dark, because of the city lights outside, and between sirens, bar brawls and street cleaners, not particularly quiet. The den--or the baby's room as I should start calling it--is much more insulated from the downtown environment. The baby's room is also the coolest room in the condo in the summer and the warmest in the winter.

In the end, it wasn't all that difficult to imagine a baby living in our environment. Now we just need to figure out where we're going to put all the baby's stuff...

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