Sunday, 13 November 2011

Downtown, baby

Last month, Alex and I shared the news with those close to us that we are expecting a baby. I wanted to keep a record of this time in our life and I'm not much of a scrapbooker. When we travelled to Europe last year, being able to share our experiences with friends and family through our travel blog only added to the adventure. And having a baby will certainly be our biggest adventure yet.

Besides the usual trials and tribulations of first-time parenthood, we have made the decision to buck the trend of moving out to the suburbs and start our family here, in our downtown condo. We plan to write about organizing our home for the new addition, the challenges of raising a child in an urban apartment, as well as the perks of being a city-dwelling family.

Readers of our travel blog seemed to particularly enjoy the highs, but also the lows of our trip (like when we were stranded in the Frankfurt airport for two days because of a strike in France). Embarking on such a big journey in such a little space is bound to create some drama. I'm confident that there will many stories to tell.

A lot of people are skeptical of our decision to stay here with a baby, without a lot of space and without a car. Sometimes I second guess myself. Will the walls of our condo start to close in once a baby is on the scene? Can a baby learn how to climb stairs when there are none in our home? Could the vibrant, colourful nature of our neighborhood seem menacing once we are new parents? But then I stop and breathe and remind myself that I love our apartment and I love living where we do. I love walking everywhere and having easy access to restaurants, museums and events. I love living where everyone else comes to spend their leisure time. I know we'll be happy here. It might not be the conventional route, but we're a family now, for better or worse. And we're living downtown, baby.

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